13 Jasper Visser Strategies and insights for audiences in a digital time How many times have you been online today What about looked at your phone Checked Twitter or Facebook As mobile devices become our ever present companions and as we increasingly live our lives online digital engagement has become a new area of focus for businesses around the globe The world of museums and exhibitions is no different and these days planning an exhibition is no longer just about visitor numbers it s also about how we engage and interact with the digital world through that exhibition Independent consultant Jasper Visser has spent the last ten years exploring the importance of digital engagement working with a range of clients that include various cultural institu tions authors and artists to incorporate the digital world into their strategy With his decade of experience there s no one better placed to share insights into the ways exhibition producers and promoters can engage audiences in this digital time and TEM is proud to be hosting two one hour workshops with Jasper at this year s meeting in Istanbul These workshops both of which take place on September 12 will focus on using Jasper s research and behavioural insights to understand what digital audiences want as well as to explore and debate the role digital engagement should play in exhibition planning We re commend them as a must visit for all attendees involved in planning or promoting shows Read more from Jasper Visser on The Museum of the Future here www themuseumofthefuture com about or on his website www inspiredbycoffee com September 12 2015 TEM 2015

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