10 FILMMASTER PRODUCTIONS Audio video production Cross media and content provider EXHIBITION Exhibitions conception and production Turnkey exhibitions The great scientists Archimedes Leonardo Galileo Ancient gardens from Babylon to Rome Divine Beauty Discovering Siena The Trajan s Column Pompeii Cinecittà Shows Off MUSEUM PERMANENT COLLECTIONS Museum installation Museum management Museum and set design Textile Restoration Ticketing and on line sales Call center Merchandising FILMMASTER EVENTS Events creation and production Olympic Ceremonies Live and permanent shows Private events Corporate events CINECITTÀ DISTRICT Cinecittà brand and BTC services Food service Cinecittà Cafè Merchandising and promotion of Cinecittà brand CIVITA GROUP Leader in the management of art and culture Worldwide relationships with top cultural institutions 74 Italian museums monuments and archaeological sites managed 12 million visitors per year 50 temporary exhibitions per year CULTURAL SERVICES www ien network com Via dei Magazzini Generali 10 00154 Rome Italy Contact benedetta torino ien network com Phone 39 06545662

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