SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 9 Getting in the Mood For the Magazine We at SC Exhibitions are voracious readers and find inspiration for our shows in a range of newspapers and magazines from The Art Newspaper Monocle and Entertainment Weekly to The New York Times and the Guardian Cultural Network among many others And so each year here in our own magazine we like to share with our readers some of our favourite thought provoking articles pieces that inspire us This year among them is the article Human Emotion The One Thing the Internet Can t Buy written by Michael Rock for The New York Times in which he discusses mood boards and the emotional response that brands try to evoke Inspired by this article we asked Wolfgang Wild curator of the popular Retronaut photographic time capsules on mashable com to create his own personal mood board for us as you can see this features amazing historical photos from New York cabs in 1900 to the Lunar Lander in 1967 SC Exhibitions is currently working with Mr Wild on a new exhibition called Yesterday is Now The Virtual Time Machine and you can find more of his work at mashable com retronaut This Working Cowboy as the picture is entitled photographed ca 1934 is both working and cool From the archives of The Library of Congress Many museums libraries and organisations make their archives available online such as The Library of Congress The British Library and NASA Isn t it great that we re able to introduce images from our collective human legacy in this magazine We recommend that you visit their treasure troves at flickr com photos library of congress and flickr com photos britishlibrary and if you google around a bit you ll find old maps illustrations books and photos from around the world online

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