SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 57 Want to make a member of the Museum Hack team s blood boil Point them in the direction of Anthony Peregrine s ridiculous article in The Tele graph Nobody Enjoys Museums So Why Do We Bother But here s the sad thing he s sorta right He s right that nobody wants to simply visit a museum or go see a painting because they feel obli gated to He s right that almost nobody cares about dates or movements or period or brushstrokes or why stuff is important And he s even right that expected museum behaviour insists we should all be passionate about art can t be cultured if we re not But you know where Mr Peregrine gets it totally unimaginably almost inexcusably wrong There is one thing that museums provide that every single human on the planet loves Stories The thing everybody seems to forget about mu seums is that they are full of damn good stories You know Picasso He bounced from lady to lady to lady throughout his life and his last wife was about a third his age The Marie de Medici Cycle at the Louvre The 24 massive panels were paint ed in about two years to glorify a lady who had done almost nothing of note in her life so Peter Paul Rubens pretty much had to make a ton of stuff up And as for the idea that a knowledge of Renaissance Italian art doesn t fix your car Not sure if you ve heard of Renaissance artist Leonar do da Vinci but he invented the parachute a ma chine gun and the world s first self propelled cart Also known as a car Oh yeah and he painted the Mona Lisa too which was stolen twice and re mains shrouded in mystery And the best part Stories like these abound in museums and they re just waiting to be discovered Humans are hardwired to love a good story Sto ries cause real chemical changes in our brains it s equivalent to spooning with your significant other But here s the problem Modern museum visitors are conditioned not to ask for them Somewhere in our early childhoods we were told to stand quietly and let the majesty of the art wash over us And that s bull because the best part of museums is finding these hidden stories And the people at your local museum already know them You just have to ask Museum Hack has made a business of bringing museum sceptics like Mr Peregrine to see the light We know that a well told story makes you wake up smell the oil paint and realise that that old stuff on the wall is actually as alive today as it was when created We play games move fast and reimagine the museum visit as an experience full of crazy sto ries relatable humanity and unbridled energy The proof We re turning museum sceptics into muse um lovers every single day over 6 000 and count ing So Mr Peregrine I m sad to say You ve got it wrong If you are boring yourself to death in a mu seum on your holiday it s time to make a change Go find a museum worker ask them what their fa vourite object is in the museum and make them tell you why Ignore all the highlights the stuff some body else said is important and find your favour ite thing Seek out the animal you d take home as a pet the object you d want to steal the girl you d ask out on a date Turn your museum visit into a sto ry filled high octane energising experience That s way more exciting than getting drunk on a beach Nobody Enjoys Museums Because They re Doing It Wrong As a counterargument to Anthony Peregrine s piece for The Telegraph here Museum Hack provide their thoughts on how museum goers can add more enjoyment to their experience by delving into the stories behind the objects and artworks on display Museum Hack Quoting from their website Museum Hack offers museum tours for people who don t like museums at some of the world s finest institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York SC Exhibitions has collaborated with Museum Hack since 2014 when they came to speak at The Touring Exhibitions Meeting in Munich while their drop in tours at The Discovery of King Tut in New York became one of the most successful elements of the accompanying programme to our exhibition Read more at museumhack com A fun tour at the de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco Museum Hack Museum Hack guide Bex takes visitors through The Discovery of King Tut in New York You can be sure it isn t your grandma s museum tour Jason Woodruf

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