SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 55 the scandal thirsty editor in chief John Jonah Jameson Jr meet How close is the newsroom at Mashable to such old school media clichés Not close at all Our newsroom at Mashable is driven by creative digital storytelling It s im portant for us to cover the topics that resonate most with our global digital savvy audience and think about creative ways we can tell these sto ries whether it s through text video Instagram images or tweets When new technology comes along we experiment and try to find ways to adapt it into our reporting I would say our newsroom is a much more creative collabora tive place than that of the Daily Bugle What makes a good editor At Mashable a good editor is someone who is constantly searching for new subjects to ex plore and new ways of communicating We are always on the lookout for the next new thing and always aware of the topics that are driving the conversation among smart people of all ages A good editor helps us shape coverage in ways that are relevant to our audience and in spires our content creators to tell stories with the highest potential visual impact What s new and what s next at Mashable Video is an important part of our editorial strategy at the moment We re excited to ex pand our capabilities and offerings as well as continue to diversify our storytelling voice with both informative and entertaining videos that our audiences can share Further reading You can learn more about our collaboration with Wolfgang Wild on pages 2 3 of the mag azine where we feature our up coming exhibition Yesterday is Now The Virtual Time Machine and see the mood board that he produced for us on pages 9 11 You can also learn more about the work of Jordan Lloyd and his company Dynamichrome in the article Designing the Past in Colour on pages 37 43 Timescape Production Credits Digital Colour Reconstruction by Dynamichrome dynamichrome com Black and White Composition by Carles Marsal carlesmarsal com Concept and Coordination by Jordan J Lloyd Wolfgang Wild and Christoph Scholz Photographs by Limor Garfinkle 2016 limorgarfinkle com R Krubner 1966 Bettmann 1969 Underwood and Underwood A Feininger 1954 Ch Phelps 1935 Archive photographs kindly supplied by Getty Images Corbis and the Library of Congress

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