54 SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 Let s Do the Time Warp Again Tell us a bit about Mashable Mashable is a leading global media company with a mission to inform inspire and entertain the digital generation Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice new formats and cutting edge technologies to a unique ly dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 27 million social followers Mashable is the home of Retronaut the pho tographic time machine Curator Wolfgang Wild compiles time capsules of entertaining thought provoking historic photographs with subjects ranging from important political events to the first Tupperware party Why do you think your online audience is so hungry for photos from yesteryears Retronaut is a powerful vehicle that allows our audience a unique window into the past Retro naut isn t just a musty history lesson it s a way of learning about the past and experiencing it through words and vivid unexpected photog raphy Wolfgang has a great eye for the oppor tunity to surprise people and the experience of seeing one image variably prompts them to view more Ultimately Retronaut is a wonder ful form of time travel that is accessible even without a sci fi spaceship Let s speak about the media world Mashable has its headquarters in New York and I can t help but think of the Daily Bugle the fictional New York newspaper where Spider Man alias Peter Parker working as a photo reporter and Our cover photo is a panorama of one of New York City s most famous landmarks re imag ined London based digital colour reconstruc tion specialists Dynamichrome yes the guys you know from our colourised King Tut photos working with Spanish visual artist Carles Marsal and New York based photographer Limor Gar finkle have created an entirely brand new com position of Times Square as you ve never seen it before Composed of over twenty archive and contemporary photographs from Getty Images Corbis and the Library of Congress the times cape uses material from as far back as 1908 and nearly every decade since all the way to 2016 seamlessly combined and colour reconstructed into a single photographic composition featur ing many of America s most famous brands of their time We are presenting this photo artwork in Retronaut s New York our very first pop up exhibition which can be seen alongside The Discovery of King Tut and Saturday Night Live The Exhibition at Premier Exhibitions 5th Avenue in New York If you cannot see the show in New York City visit the online version at sc exhibitions com retronaut This show featuring historic panoramas of New York City was conceived by Wolfgang Wild curator of the popular Retronaut photographic time capsules on mashable com the exhibition s media partner Our director Christoph Scholz spoke with Jim Roberts Mashable s Executive Editor and Chief Content Officer about time capsules Spider Man and journalism Jim Roberts is Mashable s Executive Edi tor and Chief Content Officer managing the editorial team and overseeing editorial strat egy and operations He served in leading positions at Reuters Digital The New York Times and other renowned Ameri can media organisations Mr Roberts has also become a well known voice in social media He was quick to recog nise the power of social plat forms for distributing and in teracting with news and over the years has attracted more than 100 000 followers to his nycjim Twitter feed P R E S E N T E D B Y M as ha ble The Times Square timescape AT

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