SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 53 put themselves in the picture Leon Keer co cura tor of Magic City is a leading artist in anamorphic illusions It s all about building memory People are used to walking through an environment that is grey and when they come upon illusion art and see something colourful and strange happening the artwork creates a nice memory says Mr Keer I was making an anamorphic painting last week and a mother with a small child passed by The child said Oh that s great I want to see But the mother said We have no time When we get home we can check it out on the internet And the mother took him away It made me smile With our busy lives sometimes people have no time to pause for a mo ment but children always have a desire to learn Magic City exhibition architect Rainer Verbizh has staged over 40 exhibitions and museum instal lations In my work I have a vision a very simple one about what the exhibition must communicate to people What to think about this city What are the social implications from the artists says Mr Verbizh I approach this street art exhibition as a designer but also as an architect so I call it a Mag ic City and invite people to participate in the cre ation The street artists will help us in the future to re imagine cities in a better way An artwork by Leon Keer Wasting Time in Sydney A mural by artist Ever captured on a street art tour through East Harlem by photographer Jason Woodruff

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