52 SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 Imagine a magical city designed by some of the most exciting artists working in urban landscapes today SC Exhibitions has invited an international cast of talented street artists to create an immersive exhibit a fantastic city where anything can happen an exhibit that just might change the way you see your city and cities around the globe In the past decade public art has become increas ingly popular and is used in surprising ways to re invigorate the abandoned façades and empty spaces of cities As Magic City co curator Carlo McCor mick puts it We re in a paradigm shift in our cul ture For the first time more people are living in the city than not This allows us to rethink urban ism Mr McCormick is the senior editor of Paper Magazine and an outspoken advocate for street art Artists have always understood the poetics and the problems of the city and the show will address and listen to those voices so we can understand what is inherently magical about our cities Visitors will enter and interact with a city trans formed by a wild variety of public art Every ele ment of a city from Main Street to public square Welcome to from zoo to graveyard high rises to slums gutters to rooftops will be transformed by street art mu rals sculptural elements and illusion art Magic City is an exhibition in progress and as such the show will evolve as it travels working with the local street artists in each city it travels to Magic City will also illuminate a new trend in street art anamorphic art These exciting artists create large illusory paintings transforming the street into wonderful spectacles Visitors are invited to take photos of themselves inside the illusions to Dresden and Munich will become Magic Cities Dresden Zeitenströmung October 2016 to early 2017 Munich Olympic Park from April 2017 An accompanying film programme will be curated by Brooklyn Street Art Visit brooklynstreetart com Read more at sc exhibitions com magic By ANNIE NOCENTI Annie Nocenti of the Magic City curatorial team gives us a behind the scenes glimpse of SC Exhibitions latest touring exhibition Working on Magic City from left to right artist Leon Keer writer Annie Nocenti designer Rainer Verbizh associate curator Adriana Kertzer consultant Wolfgang Wild SC Exhibitions Christoph Scholz and curator Carlo McCormick Leon Keer left and Brooklyn Street Art co founder Jaime Rojo right during a research trip in East Harlem Jason Woodruff

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