SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 5 Editorial 07 Getting in the Mood For the Magazine 09 From cowboys to the Lunar Lander Retronaut s Wolfgang Wild has assembled his own special mood board Human Emotion 11 The One Thing the Internet Can t Buy Michael Rock discusses mood boards and how brands attempt to appeal to our feelings and emotions The Price of Freedom 15 In a time of increased terrorism when hatred is aimed at the freedoms in society Kai Diekmann talks about the importance of fearlessly living our lives the way we have always done Respite Through Retail 16 Robert Bound argues that the arts and culture community could be doing more to raise awareness about heritage destruction Bangkok s Ideaopolis 18 The Capital of Multiple Futuristic Ideas In Bangkok Sam Nathapong explores Siam Center a truly arty shopping mall and chooses his favourite museums and galleries to visit in the city s riverside area A Night at the Museum 22 Have you ever wanted to stay in a hotel that doubles as an art gallery Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett discovers 21c Museum Hotels Is a Hotel Lobby an Exhibition 24 SC Exhibitions Director Christoph Scholz talks with Ursula Schelle Müller head of design and marketing at his favourite hotel chain Motel One Showbiz Culture The World of SC Exhibitions 27 Find out about SC Exhibitions new and current projects and where to find us in 2016 32 Egypt in New York Map Illustrator Peter Oumanski has created a special map highlighting New York s Egypt and Tut inspired locations 34 NYC Loves Tut David Kamp explores the Tut mania that swept New York when the Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibition visited the city in the 1970s 35 Designing the Past in Colour Garry Shaw talks with Dynamichrome s Jordan Lloyd and Mediendeck s Volker Präkelt about SC Exhibitions recent project to transform black and white photos of the Tutankhamun tomb excavation into colour 42 Designing The Golden Boy History for Kids Nicola Gold meets Aleksandra Fuhrer to discuss the design process behind Zahi Hawass s latest book 45 Star Wars Elvis and Me Revisiting the movie s release in 1977 and its impact since A O Scott discusses how Star Wars defined a generation 48 May the MAK Be With You The Museum as a Space for Finding Inspiration and Identity Nicola Gold meets with Christoph Thun Hohenstein Director of the MAK the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts Contemporary Art to talk about the exhibition Star Wars Identities in Vienna 51 Taking Star Wars Across Planet Earth Sophie Hénault manager in charge of the Star Wars Identities exhibition tour talks with Garry Shaw about the themes behind the exhibition 52 Magic City Imagine a city created by the beauty and power of the best street and illusion artists in the world 54 Let s Do the Time Warp Again Christoph Scholz spoke with Jim Roberts about time capsules Spider Man and journalism 56 Nobody Enjoys Museums So Why Do We Bother Anthony Peregrine argues that we only visit museums because it is expected of us 57 Nobody Enjoys Museums Because They re Doing It Wrong Providing a counterargument to Anthony Peregrine s article Museum Hack suggest that museum goers should delve into the stories behind the objects and artefacts within museums and galleries Contents The SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 O U R A N N UA L M AG A Z I N E F O R P E O P L E AT T H E I N T E R S E C T I O N O F A R T S M E D I A A N D E N T E R TA I N M E N T SHOWBIZ CULTURE Curious about our cover photo Then go to page 56

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