SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 49 Star Wars has definitely set new standards The best proof is that the original trilogy which came out be tween 1977 and 1983 does not look dated compared to the three prequels On the contrary the films are technically still fascinating and simply marvellous I am really looking forward to the sequel trilogy Star Wars Identities is about the fundamental ques tions of identity Visitors can create their very own Star Wars character What would yours look like We can learn a lot from all the main Star Wars char acters Yoda impresses me the most because he com bines great wisdom with incredible combat skills I see myself as someone who is deeply motivated by the wish to make the world a better place through art de sign and architecture In this context the media have repeatedly called me an idealist which I see as a com pliment and it encourages me to stay true to myself The exhibition lets us explore our identity with the help of genetics psychology and neuroscience How do you see the identity of the MAK as a design museum After the Victoria and Albert Museum in London the MAK is the second oldest and many believe also the second most important museum of applied arts in the world The extraordinary identity of the MAK is root ed in the fusion of applied arts and the independent fine arts as well as in the confrontation of tradition and contemporary experiment This particularly applies to the MAK s role as a design museum We analyse the design of Viennese and Central European Modernism from 1900 with renewed vigour whilst moving for ward a completely new avant garde understanding of 21st century design Do you envision a dialogue between Star Wars and your existing collections and exhibitions I don t want to put too much emphasis on the dialogue with our historical applied arts collections However we frequently address future related topics in our spe cial exhibitions At the moment we are preparing an ex citing exhibition about robotics in cooperation with the Vitra Design Museum One of the MAK s core tasks is analysing the development of our civilisation from the arts point of view and the Star Wars films offer quite a few very important insights The MAK is an important research institution How do you see the educational aspect of Star Wars Identi ties It is about research and communicating the results but this goes both ways The visitors learn something in the museum and the museum benefits from the knowledge of its audience At the Star Wars exhibition fans can deepen their knowledge of the characters and at the same time numerous hands on activities pro vide valuable content related impulses for us Dr Thun Hohenstein what forces shape you It fascinates me which values remain stable in my life and which ones undergo radical change What matters most to me is creating meaning I want to contribute to the enhancement of our society always with the goal in mind to push back the dark side By the end of the exhibition each visitor has created a fully formed Star Wars character Since there are millions of possible combinations each one will most certainly be unique Through the Force things you will see Other places the future the past Yoda Star Wars Identities in Vienna 18th December 2015 16th April 2016 MAK Weiskirchnerstraße 3 Vienna Star Wars Identities in Munich 14th May 17th October 2016 Olympic Park Munich Spiridon Louis Ring 21 Munich Find more online at starwarsidentities com X3 Productions x3productions ca Lucas Museum of Narrative Art lucasmuseum org

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