48 SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 May the MAK Be With You The Museum as a Space for Finding Inspiration and Identity At the end everyone is asked the same question Will you join the forces of good or evil Why did you decide to host Star Wars Identities at the MAK It really makes sense The creation of film sets props and costumes is design and thus covered by the wide field of applied arts Moreover facilitating the exhibition in Vienna was really important to us Even though the MAK is not the organiser we want to draw visitors to our other collections with complimentary offers and in expensive combination tickets We see this exhibition as an opportunity to attract a new audience and show our existing fans something completely new Are you a Star Wars fan Have the films influenced you I think all film lovers have been influenced by Star Wars one way or another The first episode was re leased before I finished school and the series has been part of my life ever since The beautiful thing about Star Wars is The more you delve into it the greater a fan you become The films have had an enormous influence on pop cul ture How has Star Wars been able to unabatedly cap ture the fascination of generations Every single detail works and its quality is timeless And I see Star Wars as very political It deals with de mocracy and the forces that threaten it a topic that is always current unfortunately The greatest art is be ing able to appeal to several generations at once and Star Wars has done that from the start George Lucas has developed brand new technologies and revolutionised the way films are made In her book Glittering Images Camille Paglia writes No one has closed the gap between art and technology more successfully than George Lucas Do you agree SC Exhibitions is presenting the international touring exhibition Star Wars Identities in Vienna at the Austri an Museum of Applied Arts Contemporary Art better known as the MAK and in Munich s Olympic Park in fact the Vienna exhibition opened on the same day that the seventh instalment in the Star Wars fran chise The Force Awakens premiered in Austrian cin emas Created by X3 Productions from Montreal and made possible by LucasFilm the show displays 200 objects from the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art which is set to open in 2018 in Chicago Equipped with a hands free audioguide for person alised access to the audio visual content and a brace let to track their progress visitors follow the lives of Luke and Anakin Skywalker meet C 3PO find out how George Lucas developed Yoda s character or marvel at the original model of the Millennium Falcon An excit ing interactive identity quest that lets visitors create their very own Star Wars character is playfully and smoothly embedded in the exhibition And at the end everyone is asked the same question Will you join the forces of good or evil To learn more about Star Wars Identities in Vienna Nicola Gold spoke with the MAK s director Christoph Thun Hohenstein Christoph Thun Hohenstein With qualifications in art history political science and law Christoph Thun Hohenstein has been the director of the MAK since 2011 He spent his early career in the Austrian Foreign Office working in Abidjan Geneva and Bonn before in 1999 becoming the director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York for eight years He also acted as chief lawyer negotiating Austria s membership of the European Union and has published a book on European law Al ek sa nd ra Pa wl off M AK Nicola Gold asks Christoph Thun Hohenstein Director of the MAK the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts Contemporary Art about the forces that shape him

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