Star Wars has inspired people around the world for near ly 40 years and now with the launch of a new trilogy and the Star Wars Anthology movies it appears that the fran chise will continue to wow audiences for many more years to come Today it s hard to find someone who doesn t know the adventures of Luke and Anakin Skywalker or who wouldn t recog nise the movies fabulous starships such as their X Wings and the Millennium Falcon Indeed the movies props and costumes are so iconic that they are now the stars of the blockbuster exhibition Star Wars Identities in fact as a pop culture phenomenon Star Wars is a bit like Tutankhamun everybody knows the boy king s story and his trea sures are instantly recognisable they too inspire people around the world Working with X3 Productions SC Exhibitions is proud to be the local host of Star Wars Identities first at the MAK The Austrian Museum of Applied Arts Contemporary Art in Vienna and then at the Olympic Park in Munich from sum mer 2016 In the following pages we ll explore the world of Star Wars includ ing an interview with Christoph Thun Hohenstein director of the MAK since 2011 and A O Scott s article Star Wars Elvis and Me written before the premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens in which he talks about George Lucas s inspira tions and his own childhood experiences and relationship with the galaxy far far away

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