SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 41 tional videos created by Volker Präkelt of Me diendeck To create these videos Mr Präkelt took a selection of the adapted photographs along with their black and white counterparts and wrote an audio script for each after con sulting with Egyptologist Dr Wettengel This writing the content was especially challeng ing for times when the Burton photographs showed human activity says Mr Präkelt For example when the two experts are shown per forming conservation work on one of the gold en chariots while Howard Carter works in the background or when Howard Carter is shown opening the shrine The videos also feature various digital ef fects used to highlight particular objects or individuals in turn as the photos slowly trans form from black and white to colour With the help of digital artist Lothar Werthschulte and using the animation software After Ef fects we created camera movements which highlight features such as small details on the antechamber s ritual beds things that you d never notice without the new colours Mr Präkelt says In particular the animation software enabled the team to enlarge certain objects bringing them to the fore such as the ebony and ivory chair discovered beneath the lion bed in the Antechamber It also allowed them to focus the viewer s attention on certain aspects of a photo that might go unnoticed or unrecognised such as Howard Carter s tent in the amateur photo of the treasures being car ried from the tomb or even a pair of discard ed shoes Finally Mr Präkelt says We added voice over and music to structure each film and give it a certain mood Through the use of modern technology a new generation will now be introduced to Har ry Burton s timeless photos in innovative and exciting ways Although these new adaptations can never be substitutes for the original imag es they can provide a new and different per spective on photos that have been admired and celebrated for nearly a century ones that we think we already know inside out As Jordan Lloyd says If a five year old is excited about it or an Egyptologist with a lifelong interest has just spotted a detail they ve never seen in the original I think that s enough accurate representation of the artefacts It s grainy the definition doesn t hold anywhere near as well as the black and white photographs and quite frankly it s not representative of the vibrancy or the details that you have on all the artefacts Mr Lloyd says So that s why I believe he did it in black and white And so all we ve tried to do is say Mr Burton want ed to have these in colour maybe we can help him do that Harry Burton s Photographs in Motion Since undergoing digital colour reconstruction by Dynamichrome the Burton images have also featured in a series of specially produced educa View into the treasury Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter opening the burial chamber Burton photograph 1169 and 0291 Image copyright Griffith Institute University of Oxford Digital colour reconstruction by Dynamichrome Arthur Mace and Alfred Lucas conserve one of the chariots found in the Antechamber Burton photograph 0517 Griffith Institute University of Oxford Digital colour reconstruction by Dynamichrome The videos also feature various digital effects used to highlight particular objects or individuals in turn as the photos slowly transform from black and white to colour For more from the world of digital colour reconstruction follow dynamichrome on Twitter Also check out page 56 of our magazine for another project that we ve developed with Dynamichrome For more about the work of director author Volker Präkelt visit mediendeck de And don t forget to visit sc exhibitions com burton for our YouTube exhibition

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