SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 39 3 captures the moment that Mr Carter and Arthur Callender along with two Egyptian workmen lift ed the roof of the outermost shrine A further ex ample shows Mr Carter and his wealthy benefactor Lord Carnarvon in the tomb standing side by side in the partially dismantled doorway between the Antechamber and Burial Chamber These photos can be found in almost every book written about Tutankhamun and have been inter nationally celebrated since their first publication Now thanks to a project initiated by SC Ex hibitions they re the subject of a new display within The Dis covery of King Tut exhibition in New York Using 21st centu ry technology around 30 black and white photographs from the Griffith Archive have undergone a process of digital colour recon struction with half on display in the exhibition and the rest featur ing in a specially commissioned series of educational videos History Reconstructed But how do you accurately add colour to photographs tak en nearly a century ago Jordan Lloyd director of Dynami chrome has been in the business of digital colour reconstruction for around five years now For Mr The Antechamber with chariots stacked against one wall Burton photograph 0012 Griffith Institute University of Oxford Digital colour reconstruction by Dynamichrome With every photo Dynamichrome s aim is to create an accurate reconstruction of what the photographer was seeing through the camera s viewfinder at the time it was taken and to push for authenticity Lloyd his work isn t simply a case of colouring old images but a long and detailed process that involves first digitally restoring the photographs to their original condition and then conducting intensive research into the period items seen in the image Only then at the final stage are the colours added sometimes after days of meticulous work This is just a modern interpretation of a craft that has essentially been around for about 150 years Mr Lloyd says I guess the difference is that now we have the technology that affords a greater degree of control which is really what you need when it comes to this kind of application of colour I think if we were to condense what we do or what we d like to do it s history reconstructed Mr Lloyd adds Whether or not that s history reconstructed through photographs through the restoration of the orig inal historical records or through forensic investigation to arrive at the digital reconstruction work Tutankhamun s gold mask when discovered Burton photograph 0744 Griffith Institute University of Oxford Digital colour reconstruction by Dynamichrome

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