SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 35 When our exhibition of replica artefacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun opened in New York as The Discovery of King Tut we decided to dedicate a special gallery to photographs taken during the excavation of the boy king s tomb The surprise They d each been transformed from black and white into colour providing visitors with a new way of exploring the tomb and its treasures at the moment of discovery To achieve this SC Exhibitions worked with the Griffith Institute in Oxford where the photo archive is stored and British company Dynamichrome who used a process called digital colour reconstruction to recreate as faithfully as possible what the photographer originally saw through his camera s viewfinder We also worked with German company Mediendeck who used the photos to create a series of educational videos about Tutankhamun s tomb its treasures and the excavation team In these videos accompanied by music the camera pans around the scene selecting and highlighting particular treasures and individuals as well as small yet fasci nating details that can be easily missed Thanks to the work of SC Exhibitions and our partners visitors to the New York show not only experienced the tomb of Tutankhamun as it appeared when first opened by Howard Carter in 1922 they also viewed photographs of the excavation in full colour as if they d been taken yesterday DE SIG NIN G TH E P AS T IN CO LO UR B y G A R R Y S H A W

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