SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 33 The Egyptian Empire State King Tut in New York We re living in Tut times Since his tomb s discov ery in 1922 Tutankhamun has inspired exhibitions events and even memorabilia And the worldwide fascination with the golden boy is very much here to stay even as we go to press there s been lots of excitement about the possibility of secret chambers hidden in the pharaoh s tomb rooms that might hide the lost burial of Queen Nefertiti SC Exhibitions is proud to have three exhibition units of replica objects from Tutankhamun s tomb simultaneously touring the world One of these units opened in New York as The Dis covery of King Tut making this city the exhibition s 30th destination since our first show opened in Zurich in 2008 And we couldn t have hoped for a better location for our 30th opening even in the 1920s just after Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun s tomb New York was in the grip of Tut mania You could listen to Tut themed songs walk into Egyptian themed movie theatres and in shops buy clothing likened to items that Cleopatra might have worn if she were alive to day To celebrate New York s love of the golden boy for The Discovery of King Tut we decided to publish The Tut Times a special newspaper free for all visi tors to the exhibition Within David Kamp a long time contributor to Vanity Fair magazine wrote a series of articles about New York s relationship with Tutankhamun and illustrator Peter Oumanski cre ated a special city map highlighting Egypt themed locations We also held a photo shoot with models Kadeem Johnson and Nicole Alyse who also did the styling recreating New York s second wave of Tut mania in the 1970s when select items from Tut ankhamun s tomb visited New York for our shoot Mr Johnson wore a Hands Off My Tuts T shirt a replica of a design sold in the 70s and Ms Alyse an authentic 70s Tut inspired T shirt For a taste of The Tut Times on the following pages you ll find David Kamp s article NYC Loves Tut and Peter Oumanski s New York map We ve also includ ed an article about our work with Dynamichrome a company that transformed a selection of original black and white photos of the Tutankhamun tomb excavation into colour for us these photos became part of our exhibition in New York and featured in a series of educational videos on YouTube created by Mediendeck We also take a look at the design of Zahi Hawass s new book The Golden Boy History for Kids published by SC Exhibitions Written by David Kamp David Kamp is a long time contributor to Vanity Fair magazine where he wrote an exhaustive story about the mania surrounding the King Tut exhibition s visit to America in the 1970s He is also the author of several books among them the nation al bestseller The United States of Arugula He can be found on Twitter as MrKamp Illustration Egypt in New York by Peter Oumanski Peter Oumanski studied fine arts in St Peters burg Russia His work has appeared in such publications as Wired New York Times Mag azine GQ Condé Nast Traveler and many others You can see more of Mr Oumanski s illustrations at peteroumanski com

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