32 SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 1 The Pythian The Best Architectural Egyptomania in New York The Pythian condominium was built in 1927 as a meeting hall for the Knights of Pythias a fra ternal order The top floors of the façade echo the temple of Abu Simbel built by Ramesses the Great and feature four colossal seated pharaohs The entrance sports winged vultures and other Egyptian designs but the pillars on the front of the building are Assyrian in design Location 135 West 70th Street between Co lumbus Avenue and Broadway 2 Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx Egyptomania for Eternity Open to the public this famous cemetery contains plenty of tall elegant obelisks most a century old placed on graves to connect the deceased with ancient Egypt Walk for a while and you ll pass mausoleum after mausole um constructed to look like Egyptian temples of these the Woolworth crypt is probably the best with its wonderful granite columns sphinx es and spectacular bronze doors showing Egyp tian gods Location 517 East 233rd Street Bronx 3 Papyri at the Morgan Library The Morgan Library contains the eclectic and large collection of John Pierpont Morgan Among the many spectacular manuscripts and books are several ancient Egyptian papyri including the famous Amherst Papyrus which chronicles tomb robbing during the reign of King Ramesses IX Location 225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street 4 The Metropolitan Museum of Art Opened to the public in 1870 and moved to its current location on 5th Avenue in 1880 The Metropolitan Museum of Art contains approx imately 26 000 objects from Egypt covering the period from around 300 000 BC through to the 4th century AD The museum has directed projects in Egypt since 1906 Location 1000 5th Avenue 5 The Brooklyn Museum The Brooklyn Museum began collecting Egyp tian objects at the start of the 20th century and now houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian art in the United States Among its highlights are an elegant female figurine from Egypt s Predynastic Period and a statue of Queen Ankhnes Meryre II with the young King Pepi II seated on her lap Location 200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn 6 The Obelisk Nicknamed Cleopatra s Needle Cleopatra s Needle is the oldest man made object in Central Park and the oldest outdoor monument in New York City It is one of a pair of obelisks commissioned by Pharaoh Tuthmosis III for the Egyptian city of Heliopolis in 1450 BC these obelisks were then moved to Alex andria in 18 AD where they remained until one was transported to London in 1878 and the other to Central Park two years later Location East Side Central Park at 81st Street 2 6 4 3 1 5 EGYPT in New York CITY MAP BY PETER OUMANSKI

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