SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 3 A lone man stands in a desolate landscape gaz ing out at the vast horizon of the American West His foot rests on a row of freshly laid wooden railway ties stretching into the distance He is an engineer named Thomas Chase Durant and he is waiting for steel tracks to be laid across the 100th Meridian in the Great Plains of Nebraska The year is 1866 we can tell by the man s dark Victorian suit but the image could easily have been taken this morning It has been colourised with the latest graphic technology imbuing the soil sky and grass with natural hues all in 3D Suddenly 150 years dissolve We have been trans ported back to that day that moment We can smell the crisp autumn air hear the eerie silence of the prairie If we gaze more closely we can see Durant s expression We can sense the man daunted by the Herculean scale of the transconti nental railroad enterprise which the entire world is watching with awe He is driving the first rail line clear across the United States 2 000 miles to the Pacific Ocean We have quite literally stepped back in time Tony Perrottet This is the introduction to the concept book for Yesterday is Now The Virtual Time Machine a new exhibition about virtual reality inspired by Victorian stereo photographs that we at SC Exhibitions are currently developing Read more at sc exhibitions com yesterday Westward the Monarch Capital Makes Its Way

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