SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 27 We at SC Exhibitions regard ourselves as a little bit like a think tank sharing ideas researching and bringing in expertise from across the world to help us develop new projects that will educate and entertain Whilst creating our shows we always keep an eye on developments in the cultural world and note down anything that intrigues and excites us often we ll get in touch with the people involved to learn more We discuss brainstorm and forge ideas all in the pursuit of creating something new and inspiring whilst meeting with forward thinking people from the world of arts and entertainment If there s something new in the cultural world and even beyond you can be sure we ll want to know about it On the following few pages we have the pleasure of introducing our projects and our team We ve been on tour with King Tut since 2008 with six million people across the globe visiting our replicas of the boy king s treasures over the past eight years This year the boy king s travel itinerary is just as busy with stops across the world including New York Stockholm Davenport and Graz Tutankhamun remains just as popular today as he was in the 1920s when Howard Carter discovered his tomb sparking Tut ma nia across the globe Even recently he s been making headlines again As you ve no doubt seen Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves has been investigat ing the possibility of hidden chambers within Tutankhamun s tomb in Luxor and we were proud to welcome him to The Discovery of King Tut to discuss his work early in 2016 Could these secret chambers hide the lost resting placing of Queen Nefertiti Only time will tell SC Exhibitions is a leading local host for exhibitions in Germany Austria and Switzerland SC Exhibitions is the producer and international tour presenter of SC Exhibitions Also Stands for Showbiz Culture HIS TOMB AND H IS TREASURES At The Discovery of King Tut in New York SC Exhibitions director Christoph Scholz right surprised Nicholas Reeves left with a copy of Dein Spiegel which featured Dr Reeves s search for the tomb of Nefertiti on its cover Jason Woodruff We at SC Exhibitions host international tour ing exhibitions as local promoter in Germany and with our partners in Austria and Switzer land At Munich s Olympic Park we invented the annual exhibition summer T M 2 01 5 Lu ca sfi lm L td A ll R ig ht s R es er ve d U se d U nd er A ut ho riz at io n WELCHE MÄCHTE FORMEN DICH 18 12 2015 16 04 2016 IM MAK WIEN KOMBITICKETS IN KOOPERATIONMIT DEM MAK WIEN VERANSTALTER MEDIENPARTNERPARTNER In the magazine For our Tutankhamun stories see Egypt in New York on pages 32 34 The Egyptian Empire State King Tut in New York on page 35 NYC Loves Tut on page 36 Designing the Past in Colour on pages 37 43 and Designing The Golden Boy History for Kids on pages 44 45 Online sc exhibitions com kingtut Contact at SC Exhibitions Christoph Scholz scholz christoph semmel de In the magazine On pages 50 51 take a look at our feature May the MAK Be With You The Museum as a Space for Finding Inspiration and Identity about the exhibition Star Wars Identities at Vienna s design museum the MAK for which we are the local host Online sc exhibitions com local Contact at SC Exhibitions Thomas Englberger englberger thomas semmel de Der Zyklus des Lebens K L E I N E O LY M P I A H A L L E M Ü N C H E N 1 0 A p r i l 3 1 M A i 1 2 J u n i 5 O k t O b e r 2 0 1 4 www kOerperwelten de du rc hf üh ru ng G ub en er p la st in at e Gm bH H ei de lb er g un d Se m m el C on ce rt s Gm bH b ay re ut h Zentrum für Sportmedizin und Prävention

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