26 SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 Before the interview with Ursula Schelle Müller in Munich I had just come from New York where I stayed at the hotel of a big well known chain Check out took 45 minutes as is so often the case Plus it was a huge drama to figure out what company ad dress to put on the invoice which is also typ ical of many hotels But not for Motel One With them everything goes smoothly And the Wi Fi always works The staff are super quick and super friendly and the prices are depending on the location and season tru ly unbeatable at just 60 to 90 per night about 67 to 100 My teenage sons are avid Motel One fans too On trips to Berlin or Vienna they always ask Are we staying at Motel One again My favourite of their ho tels is Motel One London Tower Hill There I pay a smidgen over 100 about 145 a bargain in London But above all they have the best breakfast of all Motel One hotels Christoph Scholz Why I Like Motel One So Much A favourite London watering hole The motel near Tower Hill Motel One SC Exhibitions stands for Semmel Concerts Exhibitions though we also like to say it means Showbiz Culture We re named after CEO Dieter Semmelmann who founded the company in 1991 and are a team of around 120 entertainment professionals working from offices in various German cities all the way from the North Sea to the Alps And though we have concerts in our name our work encompasses far more At any one time you ll find us creating and managing cultural experiences theatre shows musicals ballet lectures media production book publishing merchan dising venue operation and touring ex hibitions Semmel Concerts ranks in the top five promoters in German speaking countries and is part of CTS Eventim AG Europe s leading ticketing and live entertainment corpo ration With our sis ter firms LS Konzert agentur in Vienna and Showfactory in Bre genz we are a strong player in the Austrian market while a short distance away in Swit zerland we facilitate excellent relationships with local partners In a nutshell We at Semmel Concerts SC Exhibitions are your partner for concerts exhibitions and cultural events in the German speaking hemisphere We love stories and we love people so please con tact us with your ideas Visit semmel de and eventim de for more information about this vibrant entertainment power house Dieter Semmelmann

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