24 SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 Is a Hotel Lobby an Exhibition SC Exhibitions Director Christoph Scholz met Ursula Schelle Müller who is in charge of design and marketing at his favourite hotel chain Motel One Your company motto is Great design for little money and your mascot is Arne Jacobsen s icon ic Egg Chair Could you tell us a bit about your journey from utilitarian budget chain to popular lifestyle hotel As a matter of fact we started out quite simply as a budget hotel After a few years we moved our loca tions to the city centres This new location strategy got us thinking Is it possible to make an affordable city hotel where it s fun to stay the night A hotel you would happily recommend to friends What came next was an experimentation with shapes and materials and the Egg Chair which was a new dis covery for me at the time Great brands ideas and creativity paired with thrift Number crunching is our forte which means that we re able to offer rooms at very reasonable prices as we have always done The key to our economic efficiency is the optimal use of space In our hotels you won t find very large rooms but everything you really need in your room is of the highest quality In our lounges we offer only what our guests truly use comfort able seats a great bar and a healthy breakfast So we have no need for a restaurant with a large kitchen a conference area or a wellness area That s the gist of it but we still haven t reached our destination Every lounge is different and we enjoy designing things and bettering ourselves Motel One s mascot the Egg Chair in its Scottish incarnation seen at their Edinburgh property Motel One Motel One s Ursula Schelle Müller who created Motel One with her husband Dieter Müller Ra ine r K ur ze de r

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