20 SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 more than 500 LED screens placed through out the mall make it easier to inform cus tomers with quick updates news and direc tions they can even try on various clothes in the digital closet right at their fingertips The overall concept of Absolute Siam and the ground breaking Ideaopolis unmistak ably make Siam Center feel alive and make it a trend setter not only in Bangkok but also globally The Mechanism of Dreams and Ideas What makes Siam Center s design so fas cinating are the double layers of its translu cent futuristic façade on the elevations re vealing its creative novelties and providing the feeling that the building is a transparent cube housing every dream possible it is a feast of the grandest concepts from the fore most Thai designers Our job is to create the space for the designers to best show off their designs said Achariya Rojanapirom the ar chitect behind the 2013 renovation project and head architect at Urban Architects lead ers in commercial space for over 20 years We planned the space to create the feeling of unfinished design waiting for the young designers who rent the space to fill the void Mrs Chadatip came up with the great idea of creating the space in an industrial chic style inspired by Soho New York so there is an abundance of industrial vintage incandescent Edison style lamps creating a unique atmosphere throughout the mall On the third floor there is a showcase for local Thai designers where mood lighting emphasises the atmosphere of the shops and Mr Achariya Rojanapirom Urban Architects co ltd different areas for example if you run a suc cessful women s accessory outlet we will en courage you to open your own café or bakery under your signature brand The idea brings huge numbers of visitors But the particular group that most enjoy seeing Siam Center s metamorphosis are the trend setters people who are tech savvy knowledgeable in fash ion and have style imprinted in their DNA When we talk or send messages we aim for these customers with Siam DNA Mrs Cha datip explains Inside the building there are four stories of atriums this empty space is alluring to artists all over the world who wish to ex hibit their work there This year there was a collaboration between Siam Center and Sean Freeman the typography artist from England who created the mall s signature art installation around the words Absolute Siam amplifying the mall s theme An ear lier collaboration was with New York based SOFTlab who brought Invertical a giant Christmas tree hanging upside down from the mall s ceiling Another transformation has been the removal of paper from the cen tre the new visual merchandising units with their products walking around you feel like you are entering the hallway of an art muse um or the lobby of a hip hotel rather than a shopping mall It s true that every element must work Mr Achariya said From the variety of symbolic messages we want to send such as the use of transparent material showing the mechanics of the escalator to say we re bold to the daring messages with the use of a wooden structure in one of the main entrance halls the traditional material pro vides the feeling that this is a mall built with three generations of shoppers in mind The goal is to bring the ultimate mall to the table It s the space that sits in the prime transpor tation hub of Bangkok and this mall is its heart All the channels crackle through like an electric circuit The goal is to bring the ultimate mall to the table On the top floor is the food centre where you would never expect to see such a high ceiling assuming you emerge from the esca lator from the busy third floor We tried to bring as much natural light in as possible So in the day time you have a feeling like you re outdoors having lunch and enjoying your office break or whatever but at night you ll experience a completely different dining at mosphere Mr Achariya said The Shops The third floor is basically the vehicle for you if you re a local designer looking for a breakthrough it s the spot that Thai design Si am Pi wa t Si am Pi wa t

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