SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 15 The terrorist attacks in Paris are nothing less than an attack on the heart of our civilisation The terrorists not only targeted the Charlie Hebdo employees whose deaths we are mourning No their violence and merciless hatred are aimed at the freedoms that make up our society freedom of the press freedom of expression freedom of art It is these freedoms that distinguish us that contrast us with the dark recesses of this world It is on these freedoms that culture economy progress and prosperity can flourish These despicable terrorists hate this freedom for one simple reason It stands in the way of their pseudo reli gious ironically godless ideology Freedom is a celebra tion of diversity These terrorists want a global theocracy in which radical Islamist laws govern and constrict everyday life The only way to counter this is to fearlessly live our lives the way we do Write what we want to write Draw paint say and write poems about whatever we feel like The price we may have to pay for this in a world of terror is our lives That we must always bear in mind But if we are not prepared to pay the price we cannot possibly be free Our confrères in Paris paid the ultimate price for free dom We bow to them THE PRICE OF FREEDOM By KAI DIEKMANN Kai Diekmann wrote this editorial on 8th January 2015 the day after the attacks on French magazine Charlie Hebdo At the time he was editor in chief of BILD Germany s biggest daily and is now publisher of this newspaper group

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