14 SC Exhibitions Magazine 2016 The taking and destruction of the ancient city of Palmyra by ISIS fighters shocked the world in 2015 Much of the site which had stood for thou sands of years and had been developed considerably under the Romans has now been lost to us including the Temple of Bel and a number of tower tombs With these latest destructions in Syria along with similar attacks on cultural heritage in other parts of the world people across the globe have been trying to find new ways to tackle the growing problem of heritage destruction Writing in the magazine Monocle and reproduced here Robert Bound has suggested that museums could raise awareness by printing images of monuments under threat or already destroyed on items in their gift shops creating a greater attachment to them among the wider public Modern culture is also under threat and so we have also in cluded an article by Kai Diekmann originally published in BILD on 8th January 2015 the day after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris in which he talks about the importance of fearlessly living our lives the way that we have always done in these times of increased terrorism Here we see an image of the Arch of Triumph at Palmyra in Syria taken from William Wright s 1895 account of his travels around Palmyra and Zenobia We found it in the archive of the British Library on flickr com If you travelled to the site today you would no longer see the arch as it has been destroyed by terrorists

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